What to expect...

New to massage? Apprehensive as to what it might be like?

It's YOUR massage. Tailored to YOU. I will make sure that you are comfortable and informed at all times.

Constant communication between you and your therapist is essential in providing the best treatment and ensuring that it is beneficial to your needs. 

What is the difference between Sports massage and other types of massage?

FOCUS on deep tissue massage and the use of pressure points to try and smooth out any muscle dysfunction or 'knots'.

When receiving this type of massage, it can be slightly painful but I will always ensure that you are warmed up and that there is constant feedback about pressure and pain levels.

If you are a sports person, it is a great tool for maintenance of peak condition as well as pre or post event treatment.


ASSESS your general posture and capable range of movement throughout your whole body to see where any dysfunction or problem might be originating from.


I will ask you to undress to your underwear to better assess you. I may ask you to perform some range of movement tests to see flexibility at certain joints and understand any imbalances you may have.

Treatment and what to wear

EXPLANATION of my findings and the proposed massage treatment.


If you are uncomfortable in just underwear, I suggest wearing small athletic shorts and I will ensure you are comfortable and warm on the massage couch with appropriate towel covering.


I'll bring everything I need with me for home visits, but we will use your own towels as it is better for hygiene purposes so please have at least one ready. For the ladies I always recommend a bikini top for ease and comfort when accessing the back. This isn't mandatory but it may make you feel more relaxed.

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