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Spotlight on: King's Gym, Mitcham

On 25th July King's Gym, Mitcham will be opening it's doors once again. With some new measures in place to ensure safety as a COVID compliant gym, they're back to be bigger, bolder and better. A part of that better involves me!

Yep, I'm going to be muscling up and delivering sports massage as part of Instant Physio at King's Gym. I won't need to be on the gym floor, I'll be getting my workout from massaging the clients...

I am so excited for this new challenge and to work with people that are actively strength training to increase muscle mass. The experience will inform my practice massively and help my progression of knowledge and understanding of musculoskeletal mechanisms to help all of my clients.

Strength training is a big form of motivation for me. I love feeling strong and capable in my body. Being a professional dancer, building muscle is often overlooked in favour of flexibility. But flexibility can't be used to its full potential if there is no strength underpinning it. Hyper-mobility without the proper strength around joints will eventually lead to injury or painful imbalances in the future. I think I can learn a lot from gaining more strength at Kings and hopefully counter that with a little advice on stretching and keeping those muscles at optimum function. What type of training or movement motivates you?

Working as part of a physio clinic will enable some great cross-treatments and collaboration, offering the best possible ongoing recovery sessions. I am so excited to be a part of the Direct Physio team - to check them out and book with me online just click HERE and choose Sports Massage.

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