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Officially qualified - 10/03/18

Date: Saturday 10th March. Place: King's Cross. Time: 9:00am. Four nervous Sports massage students gather and prepare themselves for the end game, the massage assessment.

First and foremost I am a Musical Theatre graduate and I go for the dramatic. It really wasn't a panic-inducing looming date on the calendar for me! The only apprehension I had was that it had been a 3 week gap between our last session and theory exams to the practical assessment date. Thanks to all my friends that happily obliged to let me practice on them (I wonder why?!), I kept up the work and really relaxed into my own style.

On the day we had to bring a 'helper' along with us who basically got to come along and get two free massages for their time - a good deal I reckon! We carried out a full consultation, examination and massage on our helper and then repeated the process with somebody's else helper, my first stranger massage! I brought my boyfriend Ben with me and he enjoyed an hour's leg massage followed by an hour's back, neck and chest massage, jealous or what? I was very happy with how my two massages went and as you can see from the title of this post, I passed!

Of course the day after was Mother's day and I went up to Northampton to visit my grandparents with my family. It was a lovely day spent celebrating my mum and my nan, although it was my granddad that managed to snag a quick seated shoulder massage after dinner! By the look on his face and the snoring that no doubt ensued shortly after, I think I can claim that it was pretty good massage.

I'm now planning lots of exciting things to come in the next few months starting with volunteering at the London Landmarks Half Marathon on Sunday 25th July. I'll be there bright and early with my massage couch setting up and I can't wait to get my hands on those sore legs! Ouch! Check out my post about the event on Instagram @sportsmassagesos and stay tuned for a blog post about the day.

Stay relaxed,

Lauren x

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