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New logo and community support

You may have noticed that there's a bit of a new look around here...I've had a logo branding refresh!

My new look logo was created by Laura Douglas, a connection made through a new community I became a part of whilst doing an online vocal bootcamp of all things! Belonging to a community can come from all kinds of places, even those you don't know about yet.

We often think about basic human needs as water, food and shelter and following on from this things like physical health, financial security and fitness. But what about community? Our social needs? A sense of belonging and being a part of something larger than yourself improves health, happiness and motivation. When you are connected with others and share their perspectives and stories, you know that all people have struggles. You are not alone.

Where can we find our sense of belonging? Perhaps during the coronavirus crisis you feel you have lost touch with certain communities and relationships, at least in the physical sense. Building a sense of belonging requires active effort. We are so lucky to have the world at our fingertips with the internet. What opportunities might you search for or come across online that you never thought about before? We can open ourselves up to so many things. Volunteering in your local community is a perfect way to build a renewed sense of belonging in your immediate surroundings. As things start to open up, what activities or groups could you try? Be curious in making new connections - they often come from unexpected places.

Still not convinced? This might help: The second most effective way to improve your executive brain functions (regulating emotions, suppressing biases, thinking flexibly, solving problems) is exercise. The first most effective way to improve these functions is sense of belonging. The single most important factor in brain health is cultivating positive meaningful relationships within a community. To hammer it home, a sense of belonging is twice as impactful as physical exercise.

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