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Head to toe: Self massage techniques - Episode 5

Episode 5 - LEGS.

Our legs carry us through our daily lives. We must look after them and show them a bit of love from time to time! Self-massage is great for the legs because they are so easy to reach and you can really give yourself a good massage. This will help with recovery from training and even injury prevention.

If you've been on your feet all day or after a particularly intensive dancing or running session, I would also recommend 'draining' your legs - simply lie down in front of a wall and rest your legs and feet up on it. You can also wear compression socks whilst training or sitting/standing for long periods. Graduated knee-length compression socks are best.

Benefits of self-massage to the legs: - Improves blood circulation - Helps with lymphatic drainage (and therefore recovery) - Reduces muscles tension - Loosens the fascia to promote better stretching for flexibility

I hope you enjoy Episode 5 and show your legs some love!

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