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Head to toe: Self massage techniques - Episode 4

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Episode 4 is all about the HIPS.

Hip mobility is so important for correct body alignment and balance of our overall biomechanics. In other words, good hip mobility will improve your relationship with the rest of your body. We were all born with excellent hip mobility - ever seen a baby squat down to pick up a toy? Perfect form! So then, we are regaining, not creating, hip mobility. You all have it within you! Now I am giving you the tools to reclaim it, and then MAINTAIN it.

We sit too much. I'm guilty of it, we're all guilty of it simply because of the way most of our societies work now. Sitting too much weakens the glutes and shortens the hip flexors - then the lower back takes over. Combine this video with Episode 3 (the back), build the exercises into a recurring routine, and you will notice a shift. Your hips are an amazing power house, as long as you train them to be and look after them.

*I apologise for the strange colour tints in this video...the sun was beaming outside so I had to draw the blinds and use the tiny indoor light!*

Hips are a common issue area for runners...for key runner tips on looking after your hips click here.

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