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Head to toe: Self massage techniques - Episode 3

This episode is all about the back. Back pain is my number 1 client complaint, and often their pain is chronic. What I mean by chronic is long-term. It is an underlying pain that comes and goes but just can't seem to be shifted for good. Bad posture or malalignment is the most likely cause of this chronic back pain. Therefore, the majority of this video contains stretches and exercises to help create good posture and emphasises the importance of a strong core to support our backs.

Self-massage and stretching/strengthening of the back can:

- Help reduce chronic/long-term back pain

- Help improve posture

- Contribute to building a strong core

- Release tightness elsewhere in the body that may be impacting your back

As lots of us are now working from home we are unlikely to have an ergonomic setup. Try sitting at a table/desk with a backed chair. Roll up a towel to about the size of your forearm and place it in the small of your back to help support the natural curve there. Avoid the temptation to work on the sofa. Get up and walk around the house every now and then or lie on the floor for 3-5 minutes to reset your back's natural posture if you are feeling tight or achy.

Lastly, yoga and Pilates are great for your back! I really recommend Fulton Foundations - she is currently doing an Instagram live session about once a week so look her up on Instagram and really look after your back and core.

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