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Head to toe: Self-massage techniques - a film series


Episode 2 is all about SHOULDERS. Again you can keep all of your normal clothes on for this one, I would just recommend a tank top so that you can really see your shoulders and which muscles you are getting into.

I hope you can use this video to take some time for yourself and release that tension and stress that can easily build up around the shoulders. Especially if your day to day involves heavy lifting or your upper body is very active in your work, a bit of self-massage will really soothe any aches or pains.

Self massage of the shoulders can: - Reduce tension and stress - Release trigger points often found between shoulder blades - Increase flexibility and ROM in the shoulder joint - Increased ROM can make shoulder movements and upper body workouts more efficient and enable good posture

I hope you enjoy the video and find my tutorial helpful. Stay tuned for episode 3 which will be all about the back. Happy Monday!

(ROM = Range of Movement)

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