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Head to toe: Self-massage techniques - a film series

Updated: Apr 23, 2020


Before delving into the video I thought I would give you a short explanation about what this episode involves and the benefits you may find!

Episode 1 is all about HEAD and NECK. What is so great about this part of the body is that you need almost no preparation to start massaging. You can keep all of your clothes on and even just do most of the exercises sitting at your desk to regain focus. I'm sure by this point that most of us are working from home and may be feeling a little stiff and sore from sitting at a home 'desk' all day. Take some time for yourself and use these head and neck exercises to reduce a bit of that stress and anxiety.

Self massage of the head and neck can:

- Help regain focus

- Reduce stress and anxiety

- Reduce insomnia

- Reduce tension headaches

- Create space mentally to enter into a meditative state

I hope you enjoy the video and find my tutorial helpful. Stay tuned for episode 2 which will be all about the shoulders. Happy Thursday!

For an extra help-sheet on facial massage before bed, just click here.

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